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The Cosmos

This photograph is part of a series of dawns looking east over the North Sea in the UK. The 10×8 inch negative gathers in so much information. I dare say that some digital backs might now touch it, especially with the opportunities of stitching image files together and the astonishing new ‘pixel shift’ backs. But…

Ely Cathedral

The good people of Ely Cathedral removed all the chairs before I arrived with the big camera at dawn on the 20th January, the Eve of St Agnes. It’s a cold time of the year of course, sparse out there and the stone interior offered little warmth at that time of day. I kept the…

The sliver of land at high tide

I am right into places that become something only at certain times. Like here really. The tide comes in and makes this bit of marsh a new thing.. somehow more independent than it was an hour before.

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