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Marsh Book. Some background.

The book MARSH is out next week and we have a launch in the pub here in Norfolk on Sunday May 1st.

This post should appear in my dedicated photography FB page… but hey lets see.

Just a bit of background. The book is small 170x120mm which is a bit smaller than A5; pocketable. Saltwater books, at least the 12 we have published so far are big and just shy of A3 upright. These earlier books were all with the big camera and colour film, making as much of the detail as possible and the approach that the big camera required; big wide angle shots that showed exactly what was there at the time…. anyone would have seen it. Indeed this is still the approach that I am using with the 10×8 inch camera and I will always enjoy exploring its capacity to reveal a place and invigorate the senses.

This approach is different of course with black and white photographs, often out of focus and always with a hand held camera. Then there are the drawings too which unquestionably offer up an abstracted view of these long subtle horizons here in Norfolk. I have been fascinated over the last year putting this together about the relationship between the two… the drawings and the photographs. I hope as you turn the page, that for the briefest of moments you are not sure whether you are viewing a photograph or a drawing. This ambiguity is at the centre of what I have been trying to do here.. taking away the literal and thereby opening up the opportunity to find something else.

Final point. The spine of the book refers to it as a Saltwater ‘G’ series. ‘G’ stands for guide which it is.. in a way.



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