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Cadmium Orange on Blue

Archival Pigment print from 10 x 8 inch negative
58 x 71in / 148 x 180cm (edition of 3)
32 1/2 x 39 in / 83 x 100cm (edition of 7)

Please contact Charlie at Eleven Fine Art for details.

From the series Natural Cosmic.

For many years I have looked for intense, peaceful moments in landscape. This quest has led me to many corners of the British Isles. For the most part I have gravitated to woodlands, rivers and salt marsh, generally avoiding higher ground. The reason for this is not because I dislike a good view, but rather because this camera and lens has a fantastic ability to make you feel you are part of the scene you are photographing. It’s to do with perspective I think; the complicated relationships between foreground and background

In these new pictures I have become intrigued by how far you can pursue this idea of immersion when looking at vast open spaces of simply air water and cosmic activity.

They are all taken close to home overlooking the North Sea at moments of intensely high atmospheric pressure.

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