Harry Cory Wright

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Sunlight on West Wall

58 x 71 inches / 148 x 180 cm, Edition of 3

33 x 40 inches  /  83 x 100 cm, Edition of  7

C type from 10 x 8 inch negative

“This camera I am using reveals a strong sense of place. I am intrigued by its ability to drink in and reveal such detail. In this series I want to use this almost tangible, realistic quality of the photograph to explore notions of the imagination, the ethereal and the unspecific. What are the places we think and dream of? What are the landscapes of our mind? I chose to photograph places therefore that I had a strong perception of even before I had been there.
This is therefore less about specificity, time and place… more about breadth, emotion, preconception… and having a ‘place in mind'”

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