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The Cosmos

This photograph is part of a series of dawns looking east over the North Sea in the UK. The 10×8 inch negative gathers in so much information. I dare say that some digital backs might now touch it, especially with the opportunities of stitching image files together and the astonishing new ‘pixel shift’ backs. But what has always been exciting about the big camera is how all that rendering of information happens in one physical/chemical moment, albeit one that awaits a further chemical process back in the lab.
The physicality of the large negative is also emphasised by the cost of large format film itself…. you simply cannot take lots of pictures.

First Deep Blue. 2020

Part of this camera’s inherent capability is to convey a huge sense of detail, an overall sense of the whole and a very specific moment in time. In this recent series of pictures I have been interested in when you then strip away as much visual information as possible and concentrate on a landscape that is made of ‘less’…. stripped back to its bare bones, in this case air, water and cosmic action.

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